Monday, November 19, 2007

Outside Reading Book Week 1 Post 2

Post B:
pgs. 0-38
So far in Dear John there have been clear examples that John (the main character) is having and internal conflict. In his mind he is struggling with the relationship he has with his father. He knows that his dad loves him very much by the way he makes him breakfast every morning no matter how disappointed he was at the decisions that John made such as drugs and drinking while he was a teenager. But he struggles at the fact that he and his father broke a bond that they had after an argument over his father’s coin collection. From that time on John’s dad seems to be a lot less talkative and show no physical love for John just the support in his heart but not vocally. After John joined the army his father wrote him every month but showed no intimacy or genuine support. I think that John is struggling because he wants to have a bond with his father but doesn’t know where to start in order to build one. I predict that while John is back staying at his father’s house that they will continue to grow closer and their relationship will be a sub-conflict of the story, and Nicholas Sparks will continuously refer to their conflict to show how both characters have matured and changed and to show their changing relationship. This is not the only conflict that will occur in the story but in the first 38 pages it is quite clear that this is one of the hardest things for John.

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