Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate Activity

Debate #1: Abortion
1. Normally occur at political debates
2. The debate makes it so everyones opionion is heard
3. Yes because it creates a better decision because all aspects are seen
4. The debate is most likeley structured
5. This debate ensures that the majority of what the people want get.
Debate #2: Use of Steroids in Sports
1. Normally occurs when important sports figures talk
2. The debate talks about the safety and equality of the players in the sports
3. No because it should be based on health and not the equality of playing, the health of the players should be more important
4. The debate could be structured or unstructured
5. The debate could effect the players health and safety
Debate #3: The Use of Guns for Protection
1. Normally occurs at political debates
2.The debate allows all sides to contribute their opinions to their sides
3. Yes because both sides are very complicated
4. The debate is most likely structured
5. The debate could end up saving a lot of peoples lives if the right decision is made and new laws could be enforced
Debate #4: Having teens under the age of 18 only allowed 2 others in the car
1. This debate occurs at political debates
2. This debate allows each opinion to be analyzed and proposes a lot of info to be looked at
3. Yes because there is a lot of stuff to be considered when making a decision
4. The debate is structured
5. The debate could prevent a lot of teen involved accidents
Debate #5: Teens Curfews
1. This debate most likely occurs between a child and their parents
2. The debate gets across both the kids view and the parents
3. Yes because kids a lot of times have good points and should be allowed to share them
4. This debate is unstructured
5. The parents could change their mind after hearing the kids point of view

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