Sunday, December 30, 2007

Outside Reading Book Week 5 Post 2

A letter written by myself to Savannah in regards to her letter she sent to John

Dear Savannah,
I am writing to you to about the letter you sent to John telling him that you had fallen in love with somebody else. I think that it was extremely selfish and not thoughtful of you to break up with someone over a letter while not to mention someone who is fighting in a war in Iraq. Although you were extremely sincere and sympathetic in your letter you completely led John on into thinking you were still in love with him. You also made it seem like you were still in love with him but because you couldn’t be with him you broke his heart and fell in love with someone who will never be loved unconditionally by you. Not only is it unfair to John but also the man you are now with because they know they will never be able to replace John. Another thing, you knew that John’s father had had a heart attack and John was dealing with that along with the war and his relationship with you. You had to break up with him at the worst possible time in his life. You did not take one second into taking his personal life and his feelings into consideration when writing that letter and while falling in love with someone else. I just thought you would like some feedback on your letter and I hope you can do something to fix your relationship with John because you two were made for eachother.

Outside Reading Book Week 5 Post 1

pgs 143-190

  1. esoteric: pg 146- private, secret, confidential
  2. lilting: pg 148- To sing, play or say something in a cheerful or rythmic manner

Figurative Language

  1. pg. 150: "It stung like hell..." This is a similie because it is comparing the feeling of his cold fingers to the painfullness of hell.
  2. pg. 150: "I've done a lot of idiotic things for good old Uncle Sam and the Big Red One." This quote uses sarcasm to create a upbeat and cheerful tone for this part of the book
  3. pg 175: "...was beginning to feel like the spinning movement of a child's top." This is also and example of a similie because using 'like' its comparing his feeling of spinning-ness to a top.

Significant Quote

  1. pg. 186 "Even though you may not want to hear it, I want you to know that you'll always be a part of me." This quote is significant because it explains that Savannah is done with John but describes her feelings she still has for him. This is significant to the story because it throws a loop for the readers and the predictable ending of John and Savannah ending up together.

Emerging Theme

The theme that I see emerging from this part of the book is that it is important to take into consideration other people's feelings when making an important decision. After September 11 John enlisted in the army again without even thinking about how that would effect his relationship with Savannah.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Outside Reading Book Week 4 Post 2

A hypothetical letter written from John to his father after pages 109-142.
Dear Dad,
I would just like to start off by saying I am truly sorry for not accepting your differences. I was quick to abolish any sort of interest in your coin collection and I am just now realizing how unfair to you that was. Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Savannah she has taught me about a condition called Asperger’s disease in which it makes one socially slower and extremely individual. I have come to believe and accept that this is what you have and who you are. She tells me non-stop what a great job you did raising me and I have nothing contradicting that statement. You did such a great job and I thank you for that. I know it must have been hard raising me alone under your conditions. I realize how hard on you it must have been having me ignore you for so long. I apologize and hope to make it up to you. I am leaving again for Germany soon and won’t be back for another year but it does make me happy to know that I can now understand you better and our relationship can grow stronger! I understand that your coins mean so much to you and I want you to know that I am willing to put my full most effort into understanding your love for coins and I want to be there for you because it is something that is your passion!
I love you dad!

Outside Reading Book Week 4 Post 1

pgs. 109-143
  1. chastened (pg 112): To restrain or subdue
  2. candor (pg 118): The state or quality of being frank, open, or sincere

Figurative Language:

  1. "I drove my elbow hard into his solar plexus and heard a sudden groaning exhale... I swung an elbow blindly and felt it connect; I felt cartilage crunch as I turned." (pg 119): This is an example of imagery and good details because it describes the situation intricately.
  2. "...and when i felt him place a genlte hand on my back, all I could think was that I hadn't felt this close to him in years." (pg 129) This figurative language shows how the touch of his hand on his back can lead to communication despite the lack of words.
  3. "We walked along the gravel paths, skirting clusters of wildflowers that bloomed a thousand different colors in the lazy southern heat." (pg 135) This is very descriptive language that helps describe the setting for the reader.

Significant Quote

"Not because you liked him, but because you wanted to know if you were right." (pg 116) This quote is significant because it is the start of the fight that John and Savannah had. It shows that John jumped into this head on because he is in denial that there is something wrong with his father and doesn't like to believe that it is true. This quote later is significant because it is what John reflects on saying that results in him feeling bad for how he blew up at Savannah.

Emerging Theme

A theme that is emerging in this part of the book is that John and Savannah have true love for eachother. Despite arguments they have their love always wins and it cannot be defeated.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside Reading Book Week 3 Post 2

A letter from John to his infantry squad in the army.

Dear Squad,
Hey guys its John and I’m writing to you to tell you about the most wonderful person I have ever met. Her name is Savannah and she is out of this world. She is here working for habitat for humanity. How I met her is really a interesting way. I was standing on the pier after a day of surfing and her and her 3 friends were also standing nearby. She had a purse with her and while she was taking a picture it fell into the ocean. I jumped off the pier and recovered her bag for her and returned it. She was so thankful and in return invited me to come to her groups’ house for dinner. From the moment I met her there was an instant attraction. We’ve gone on 3 dates and it seems to me she is the one. She even wanted to meet my father and you all know how socially awkward he is. I even thought he seemed happy when she came over! I have kissed her once since we met. She has been through a lot and has changed the way I feel about girls and how I should treat them. I was lucky enough to share the words ‘I love you’ with her after the 3 date. It’s incredible. She is super conservative and is complete opposite of me. I think the term ‘opposites attract’ really means something. Anyways I hope all is going well in Germany I should be back soon regardless of how in love I am. John

Outside Reading Book Week 3 Post 1

Dear John pgs. 60-109

Feigning: (pg 62) To pretend, dissemble
Eluded: (pg 83) To escape the understanding, perception, or appreciation of

Figurative Language:
  1. "The water stung as it ricocheted off my chest and shoulders, and my face made me feel as if I were running a low fever." (pg 60) This is an example of imagery because its using description words to describe things that affect your senses.
  2. "The sun was beginning its slow descent, and as I pulled out, the sky was a swirl of fruity colors that contrasted dramatically with the evening skies..." (pg 62) This is also an example of imagery because it paints a picture of the setting.
  3. "I waited, drinking in the sight of her." (pg 94) I don't really know what type of figurative language this is but it is very deep. Using the word drinking instead of a different word really creates a cool sentence.

Significant Quote:

"I had no regrets about the way I'd turned out. Regrets about the journey, maybe, but not the destination." (pg 71). This quote is significant because it really shows how John feels about his childhood growing up with a father who shows no intimacy. He is saying that growing up he regrets some of the ways that he treated his father and some of the fights they had but in the end he ended up to be a good person and thanks his father for raising him well.

Emerging Theme

One true theme that can be seen through this section of the book is the ability to love. John is learning that you have to take the good from the bad. Although he doesn't have a great relationship with his father he realizes that he should love his father because he did the best he could.