Monday, November 19, 2007

Outside Reading Book Week 1 Post 1

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
pgs. 0-38.

2 Vocabulary Words:
  1. Estrangement (pg.12): to turn away from, to keep at a distance
  2. Infantry (pg.17): A branch of the army used to fight on foot

3 Figurative Language Examples

  1. "I was as blind as a snail, and as dumb as a camel..." (pg.12): This is an example of a similie because it is comparing the blindness to a snail and dumb to the camel.
  2. "In time, the color of the ocean began changing form iron gray to orange, then yellow." (pg.22): This is a good example of imagery because it is very descriptive in defining the colors of the ocean.
  3. "...I felt something click, like a key turning in a lock." (pg.27): This is another example of a similie because it explains how he felt in relation to an object.

Significant Quote

  1. "He was, I've long since come to belive, a far better man [father] than I'll ever be." (pg.18): This quote is significant because it shows the true feelings that John has for his father. Although he describes his frusteration he has for his father, this quote is significant because it exemplifies the fact that he really deep down loves his father.

Emerging Theme

A consistant theme that I see emerging from the book is the maturity and self-reliability of John and how self-motivated John was as a kid and how it has helped him help himself while being in the army and living on his own.

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