Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading Book Week 7 Post 1

Dear John pgs. 222-276

  1. inconsolable pg 230: cannot be comforted
  2. Repressing pg 234: To put down by force

Figurative Language

  1. pg. 223 "...functional, unadorned white cabinets-thick with countless paint jobs-and a stainless-steal sink set beneath a wood-framed window that probably should have been replaced years ago." This is an example of imagery because its very intricately discribing the kitchen.
  2. pg. 238 "When the elevator doors closed, it felt as if I were in a tomb." This is an example of a similie because it is comparing how he felt to the inside of a tomb.
  3. pg 253 "In the morning, I watched the sun come up, a golden marble emerging fom the earth." This is a metaphor and imagery because its describing the sun but also giving it human like characteristics.

Significant Quote

pg. 229: "Tim knew I was in love with you...but he was there..." This quote is significant because it sums up the end of the book. It forshadows how much John loves Savannah but the fact that Tim was just always around and how he is now married to Savannah.

Emerging Theme

A theme I see emerging is loss. John lost both his father and the love of his life, not to mention the after affects of September 11 has created a loss of saftey for his country and his life while fighting in the army in Iraq and Germany.

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