Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Outside Reading Book Week 6 Post 1

pgs. 190-222

  1. Consummate: pg 191- To bring to a state of perfection
  2. Conifers: pg 213- trees or shrubs

Figurative Language

  1. pg. 191 " ...and decided to carry it with me like a wound I'd received in battle." This is an example of a similie because its comparing the note he is carrying with him to a wound he received.
  2. pg. 211 "Following a small highway that wound its way through blue-tipped mountains spreading morth and south, a gentle swell in the crust of the earth." This is an example of imagery details because it describes the setting intricately.
  3. pg. 217 "They say owning a horse is like living with an anchor." This is an example of a similie because it is comparing two opposite things together.

Significant Quote

"...but in the real world, in real time, decisions weren't always easy." pg. 192. This quote is significant because it is so true to our society and life in itself. Real life is not an easy thing to get through, there are many decisions you have to make despite the possible outcomes that may not be perfect.

Emerging Theme

The theme I see emerging from this part of the story is that you have to embrace the things you have because they won't be there forever.

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