Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside Reading Book Week 7 Post 2

My reaction to the book Dear John as a whole.

I thought that overall this book was very well written. It has a wide variety of sad and happy parts and also relaxing and climatic parts. In the end it is completely unexpected and quite sad. The main character John faces a lot of loss in this book including his father, his idea of safety in his country, and the love of his life. He overcomes many obstacles and the book does a really good job of writing parallel to the feelings John has. I think the book was somewhat boring at some points but it picked up again shortly after. The thing I liked best about the book was the fact that it was unpredictable and sometimes Savannah made me angry at the decisions she made. The thing I liked least about the book was that it was so sad at the end. I cried because John did nothing of the sort to deserve to lose his 2 pride and joys in his life. He moves on after the death of his father only to realize that he can’t have the Savannah, the one girl he will always love. And not only can he not have her but she is unhappy because her current husband is ill. John and Savannah both made it clear that they were in love with each other and it is a shame that they can’t do anything to be together. I feel just awful for the way John’s life turns out.

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