Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside Reading Book Week 3 Post 2

A letter from John to his infantry squad in the army.

Dear Squad,
Hey guys its John and I’m writing to you to tell you about the most wonderful person I have ever met. Her name is Savannah and she is out of this world. She is here working for habitat for humanity. How I met her is really a interesting way. I was standing on the pier after a day of surfing and her and her 3 friends were also standing nearby. She had a purse with her and while she was taking a picture it fell into the ocean. I jumped off the pier and recovered her bag for her and returned it. She was so thankful and in return invited me to come to her groups’ house for dinner. From the moment I met her there was an instant attraction. We’ve gone on 3 dates and it seems to me she is the one. She even wanted to meet my father and you all know how socially awkward he is. I even thought he seemed happy when she came over! I have kissed her once since we met. She has been through a lot and has changed the way I feel about girls and how I should treat them. I was lucky enough to share the words ‘I love you’ with her after the 3 date. It’s incredible. She is super conservative and is complete opposite of me. I think the term ‘opposites attract’ really means something. Anyways I hope all is going well in Germany I should be back soon regardless of how in love I am. John

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