Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Outside Reading Book Week 3 Post 1

Dear John pgs. 60-109

Feigning: (pg 62) To pretend, dissemble
Eluded: (pg 83) To escape the understanding, perception, or appreciation of

Figurative Language:
  1. "The water stung as it ricocheted off my chest and shoulders, and my face made me feel as if I were running a low fever." (pg 60) This is an example of imagery because its using description words to describe things that affect your senses.
  2. "The sun was beginning its slow descent, and as I pulled out, the sky was a swirl of fruity colors that contrasted dramatically with the evening skies..." (pg 62) This is also an example of imagery because it paints a picture of the setting.
  3. "I waited, drinking in the sight of her." (pg 94) I don't really know what type of figurative language this is but it is very deep. Using the word drinking instead of a different word really creates a cool sentence.

Significant Quote:

"I had no regrets about the way I'd turned out. Regrets about the journey, maybe, but not the destination." (pg 71). This quote is significant because it really shows how John feels about his childhood growing up with a father who shows no intimacy. He is saying that growing up he regrets some of the ways that he treated his father and some of the fights they had but in the end he ended up to be a good person and thanks his father for raising him well.

Emerging Theme

One true theme that can be seen through this section of the book is the ability to love. John is learning that you have to take the good from the bad. Although he doesn't have a great relationship with his father he realizes that he should love his father because he did the best he could.

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