Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Outside Reading Book Week 4 Post 1

pgs. 109-143
  1. chastened (pg 112): To restrain or subdue
  2. candor (pg 118): The state or quality of being frank, open, or sincere

Figurative Language:

  1. "I drove my elbow hard into his solar plexus and heard a sudden groaning exhale... I swung an elbow blindly and felt it connect; I felt cartilage crunch as I turned." (pg 119): This is an example of imagery and good details because it describes the situation intricately.
  2. "...and when i felt him place a genlte hand on my back, all I could think was that I hadn't felt this close to him in years." (pg 129) This figurative language shows how the touch of his hand on his back can lead to communication despite the lack of words.
  3. "We walked along the gravel paths, skirting clusters of wildflowers that bloomed a thousand different colors in the lazy southern heat." (pg 135) This is very descriptive language that helps describe the setting for the reader.

Significant Quote

"Not because you liked him, but because you wanted to know if you were right." (pg 116) This quote is significant because it is the start of the fight that John and Savannah had. It shows that John jumped into this head on because he is in denial that there is something wrong with his father and doesn't like to believe that it is true. This quote later is significant because it is what John reflects on saying that results in him feeling bad for how he blew up at Savannah.

Emerging Theme

A theme that is emerging in this part of the book is that John and Savannah have true love for eachother. Despite arguments they have their love always wins and it cannot be defeated.

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