Sunday, December 30, 2007

Outside Reading Book Week 5 Post 2

A letter written by myself to Savannah in regards to her letter she sent to John

Dear Savannah,
I am writing to you to about the letter you sent to John telling him that you had fallen in love with somebody else. I think that it was extremely selfish and not thoughtful of you to break up with someone over a letter while not to mention someone who is fighting in a war in Iraq. Although you were extremely sincere and sympathetic in your letter you completely led John on into thinking you were still in love with him. You also made it seem like you were still in love with him but because you couldn’t be with him you broke his heart and fell in love with someone who will never be loved unconditionally by you. Not only is it unfair to John but also the man you are now with because they know they will never be able to replace John. Another thing, you knew that John’s father had had a heart attack and John was dealing with that along with the war and his relationship with you. You had to break up with him at the worst possible time in his life. You did not take one second into taking his personal life and his feelings into consideration when writing that letter and while falling in love with someone else. I just thought you would like some feedback on your letter and I hope you can do something to fix your relationship with John because you two were made for eachother.

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