Thursday, October 25, 2007

Final Outside Reading Book Post 1

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
pg 218-288

This chunk of the book starts off with Lori arriving home from camp and Mrs. Walls coming home from being a student at a unniversity. After coming home both mentioned that they were so much happier being away from the Wall's house in Welch. Mrs. Wall's quit her job as a teacher and as a result there was no steady income. Another important part of this portion of the book that is really important is a falling out between Jeannette and Rex. Jeannette flips out at Rex for stealing money from her for his alcohol. That spring 2 filmmakers from New York City, Ken Fink and Bob Gross, came to school and inspired Jeannette. The Wall's family purchased a car and named it Elvis. Lori is graduating and is moving to NYC she expresses a lot of nervousness. In the Fall of the same year, Lori moves to New York City. Jeannette becomes the editor of the school newspaper the Maroon Wave, and becomes very interested in the idea of college and becomes occupied doing lots of extracirricular activities to possibly give her a leg up in getting a scholarship to college. Jeannette goes to Miss Katona the school guidence counselor and tells her that she would need to move to New York so she could be 'in state' and would have more of a chance of getting into college. Jeannette moves to NYC and lives with Lori, Rex becomes very upset. Jeannette and Lori buy an apartment together in a not so good neighborhood. The Walls' parents come to NYC to live with the girls because they were evicted from their house. Eventually they are forced to leave and they become homeless on the street. Rex and Mrs. Walls make it through the winter but Rex becomes sick and stays in the hospital for 6 weeks. Jeannette marries Eric but then later on marries John. Lori becomes a freelance artist. In the end Rex dies. That was the end of The Glass Castle.

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