Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sea Inside Post 2

There were many differences and similarities between The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. One of the main similarities was that both Ramon and Jean were quadrapalegic. . Another similarity was the way that the men handled their situation. Another similarity was that both patients showed a sarcastic and humorous mood towards their disease. As these to examples are similarities, there are also some differences between the stories. An obvious difference was the fact that Ramon was quadrapalegic for a much longer time than Jean was 'locked-in'. Also another difference was that Ramon showed a desire to die while Jean only thought about it and never came to a conclusion about whether he would rather be dead or not. Thirdly, Ramon was able to talk while Jean was limited to only being able to blink his eye. Lastly an important difference was that Ramon spent a lot of time expressing his hope through his 'flying' while Jean used his stories and memory to express rememberance and embraced the things he did have and accepting his state of being rather than hoping to be better one day. I think that the Sea Inside was more powerful because the plot dealt with death and dying is a very extreme option when it comes to situations and causes the situation to become more intense and powerful.

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