Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 4: Post 2

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

pgs 149-196

In this portion of the book it starts off with Mrs. Walls going back to Pheonix leaving the kids at their petifile grandma's house to see if they could go get any of the belongings they left behind. Once the parents returned Grandma Erma said that they needed to move out because the kids were extremely rude and bad. So the Wall's family moved out and into a small house in Welch. The family tried to make it as 'homey' as possible. The family got to know the people that lived in Welch and the kids got to meet a lot of new friends. Jeannette tended to get along a lot better with the boys in the neighborhood and spent a lot of time playing football and games. Also Jeannette tells the readers that there was a lot of fighting in Welch. Not just with enemies but to fit in. The fight that she tells the most about was "the Battle of Little Hobart Street" against big bully, Ernie Goad. Jeannette mouthed off to Ernie and that started the fight. Brian and all of the other kids on Hobart Street joined the Walls kids to defeat Ernie. Jeannette talks about how the weather was changing and the changes that the kids adapted to while living in Welch. The following chapter is about how Rex disappears a lot more often and how he was 'looking for a job' when really he was spending more and more time at the local taverns. Jeannette starts school and is teased relentlessly. With Winter approaching the Walls family had to find ways to keep the house warm without speding too much money on coals or heat. Each kid pitched in on chopping wood for fires because Rex was never home. The next chapter is about Grandma Erma dying. Mrs. Walls claims it was suicidal but Rex denies it. The Walls family went to the funeral although none were very upset. Also another important part of this portion of the book was that Mrs. Walls took to taking a job at the local school.

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