Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3: Post 1

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. pgs. 102-148

This section of the memoir starts off with Jeanette sharing with us about the gypsies living in their town. The next chapter is about the Walls' family's trip to the zoo. Rex climbs into the lion cage and almost gets arrested. Rex loses his job and the Walls family is poor again. Jeanette's mom resorts to stealing in thrift stores and Rex finds a way to rig getting money out of the bank. Rex resorts to alcohol more and more often in this section. Christmas was a disaster because of his drunkeness; so for Jeanette's 10th birthday she asks him to stop drinking. He is sober for a small while until a family trip to the Grand Canyon goes wrong. The family decides that it is time to move to Welch to live with their grandparents. The kids meet their weird grandparents for the first time and aren't pleased. The house is gross and the grandma is a pervert. The kids are enrolled in school in Welch. All three kids are bullied a lot but they don't say anything to their parents.

Author Biography:
Jeanette Walls was born in Pheonex, Arizona and traveled to various cities in the southwest region. Her and her family finally settled the city of Welch, West Virginia. She grew up there and ended up going to Columbia Universtity's Bernard College. She graduated with flying colors and then worked for New York magazine, Esquire, USA Today. Currently Jeanette is working for She has had many TV appearances including the Today Show and PrimeTimeLive. She is now living in Virginia and is married to a writer John Taylor.


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