Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sea Inside Post 1

The Sea Inside was a very interesting movie. I thought that the plot was decent but definately intriguing. It was entertaining to me to see the different reactions each character had towards Ramon and how they acted around him during different emotional states. Although it was difficult because of the fact that it was in Spainish and subtitles were used; I think that having to read and understand all the important testimoneys in the movie helped me make sure I understood it completely and forced me to read and listen to it. Also it was neat to see how a family of a different culture handled the situation, it was interesting to try to see how my family would react and handle that situation. I think that it was completely reasonable for Ramon to want to die, his life is not exciting for him and if he wants to go to heaven and have his life better than that is his perrogative. The government should have no say in that if Ramon wants to die and is unable he should be able to because if he were in a condition that he could kill himself he could and have it not be illegal. I believe that Ramon has a legitimate excuse for wanting to die, as in he is not only upset with his inablility to do anything but he is a burden to his family for having to take care of him. I also think that the friends that are helping him are being good friends and helping their friend be happier and live a better life. Friends should want whats best for their friend and deep down they know that this life Ramon had was not making him happier. Overall the story was a very interesting and made me think a lot.

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