Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sea Inside Post 3

The camera movements used in The Sea Inside helped a lot with the message the director was trying to send. When the characters were experiences important sequences/'speeches' in the story the director did an almost similar sequence of shots. He would create an eye-level medium shot while the character started the speech. As the character went further into depth the camera would zoom in to a close up shot. Also he would pan the listeners of the speech to show their reactions. Lastly the director would make a long shot to show both the speaker and the listeners at the same time. The juxtaposition of these camera movements were smooth and gentle, just like the way the characters were talking. This sequence of shots was used numerous times throught the movie some examples being: when Ramon and Javi were talking about Javi's grandpa and his stubborness and noseyness, Ramon and Julia were discussing Ramon's inability to love due to his condition, and Ramon and Julia were talking about getting his writings published. Those were just many of the important sequences that those shots were used. They help the movie watchers focus on what they are saying instead of how the camera is moving. The angle shows that during the speeches everyone had equal say. The gentle juxtaposition gave the effect that nothing was too harsh.

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